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CannaSafe to Offer a Suite of New Analytical Services

This summer, CannaSafe Analytics will begin to offer a suite of new analytical services including cannabinoid profiling using high pressure liquid chromatography which enables analysts to quantify both the acid and neutral forms of the cannabinoid compounds in cannabis. Cannabinoids mainly exist in the plant as carboxylic acids which are […]

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

Once again it’s time for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Southern California, and for the second year in a row Cannasafe Analytics was selected as the official testing lab for the event. Categories include best concentrate, best flower, best infused edible and best hash. Judging is based on […]

Massachusetts – 158 Applicants Invited to Move Forward with RMD Licensure Process

111 entities representing 158 applications have been invited by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to advance to the second application phase in the  competitive  process to win one of only 35 licenses to operate a medical marijuana dispensary. Successful applicants will become known as RMD’s or Registered Marijuana Dispensaries. Part of […]

Medical Marijuana Testing Lab Now Serving Southern California

CannaSafe Analytics, the nations first accredited medical marijuana testing lab is now serving co-op’s, collectives, cannabis cultivators and medical marijuana patients in all southland markets including: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County and North County San Diego. Services include potency testing, pesticide residue analysis, mold / mildew & […]

Third Party Quality Assurance and Safety Analysis

Using ISO approved validated methods, CannaSafe provides Cannabinoid Potency Analysis,  Pesticide Residue Screening, Plant Growth Regulator Screening and Microbiological Screening  to medical marijuana patients, collectives and cultivators. The nations premier third party quality assurance cannabis laboratory.  

San Diego Approves Zoning Laws Allowing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

San Diego City Council, with a 8-1 vote, passed new zoning laws allowing medical marijuana dispensaries  to operate legally within the city limits. Each council district is limited to a maximum of 4 MMJ dispensaries each, however a study conducted by SANDAG reports that due to the zoning constraints and […]

Get Your Med’s Certified

Only the purest marijuana can be labeled as Medical Grade Cannabis™.  In order to receive this coveted service mark, medical cannabis must be tested and certified free from pesticide residue, microbial contamination, gross level heavy metal concentrations and harmful fertilizers & plant growth regulators..

Marijuana Potency – The Role of Stress in a Plants Life Cycle

   Marijuana  Potency            How does Physical and/ or Chemical Stress Affect a Cannabis Plants Potency?  Stress is anything that detracts from a plants general health and vigorous growth. Stress can be either physical or biochemical in nature. Physical stress can be caused by other plants competing in […]

Accurate, repeatable, and verifiable testing.

ISO Accreditation recognized a laboratory and its testing results as accurate, repeatable, and verifiable on a national level.

CannaSafe Partners with High Times

CannaSafe Analytics has partnered with High Times Magazine to become the official testing lab for the 2013 Southern California Medical Cannabis Cup. There were 130 entries into the Cup this year which included over 60 flowers, more than 50 concentrates and 16 medicated edibles. Check back next week to find […]

The Cannabis Evolution Project

CannaSafe Analytics has partnered with Phylos Bioscience and Rob Desalle at the American Museum of Natural History to map the genealogy of all modern and historical cannabis strains. Growers, dispensaries and marijuana patients can bring their strains to our lab where we will extract them for DNA sequencing. The resulting data […]

Cannabis Cup Winners at the 2014 High Times Event in L.A.

The  2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winners BEST EDIBLE: First Place – Liquid Gold Delights Mint Meltaways from G Pharma Labs.  Certificate of Analysis AC Second Place – Terra Bites from Kiva Confections. Certificate of Analysis A519C Third Place – Strawberry Banana Cream from Kushie Kandy.  Certificate of Analysis […]

Test with CannaSafe and Receive 20% off All Listing Services from THC Finder

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide value and service to the Medical Marijuana community, CannaSafe has teamed up with THC Finder to help patients not only  find the strains they are looking for but to also learn more about the quality and purity of their medicine.  Clients can […]

The Cannabinoid System

Every human being produces cannabinoids within their own body. The system by which your body produces and uses cannabinoids is called the “endocannabinoid system”. While we are all born with an active endocannabinoid system the body’s ability to produce more Cannabinoids as we grow is limited. If your body is attacked by bacterial viral […]

Recommended Methods for the Analysis of Cannabis

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the laboratory and scientific section, “Gas Chromatography with flame ionization or MS detection (GC/FID/MS) is now the best established method for the analysis of Cannabis and its products. GC/MS is the method of choice for creating Cannabis profiles and signatures, […]

CannaSafe is committed to quality and patient safety

To produce medical grade cannabis it must be free of any pesticides, molds, mildew, and harmful microbiological contaminants.