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    Growers and Dispensaries

    Ensuring customer satisfaction

    From seed to sale, growers and dispensaries must be on the up and up on the quality of their product. Offering full potency analysis via HPLC-UV/VIS, terpene profiling with GC-FID HEADSPACE, and full microbial screening, you and your customers can be well-informed about the full medicinal value of your cannabis product.

  • Edible Manufacturers

    Helping you formulate

    At Cannasafe, we are dedicated to guiding edible manufacturers through the formulation process. With expert advice in dosing, homogenization, labeling, and methodology, we can assist in a final product that is worthy of your standards.

  • Concentrates

    For safety and salesmanship

    Safety screening is of paramount importance to the responsible extractor. Being able to verify and ensure that your product is free of any illegitimate contaminants is the foundation of the screening process for concentrates. Potency, residual solvent testing, terpene profiling, and microbial screening are all available for your security.