10 Black-owned Cannabis and Hemp Brands to Support

In height of the current situation in our nation and the continuing injustices towards the black community, we’d like to present this call to action to support black-owned brands. 

To start, check out these 10 black-owned cannabis and hemp companies:

James Henry SF

James Henry SF is a duo of exceptional men working to give back to their community. This social equity brand based in San Francisco promotes a healthy lifestyle and responsible use by developing formulations with medical doctors and making sure their products are clean and tested with us at CannaSafe.

Ball Family Farms

Ball Family Farms is a family-owned and operated business in Downtown LA. They are the first vertically integrated social equity brand in Los Angeles. This brand focuses on unique cultivars from their meticulously pheno-hunted genetics, offering an array of potent flower strains tested by CannaSafe.

Blaqstar Farms

Blaqstar Farms is a social equity craft flower brand based in Los Angeles. Their mission is to cultivate sustainably, focusing on smaller crops to produce healthy, top-quality cannabis free of chemicals and pesticides, which we can confirm with their CannaSafe test results.

Cannabis on Fire (Nine Mile Tribe)

@cannabisonfire_distribution & @cannabis_on_fire

Cannabis on Fire is a delivery service, distribution, and clothing brand in the Bay Area. They grow flower in a social equity partnership with the cultivator Nug. Their focus is to destigmatize cannabis while promoting Rastafari culture and roots.

Mama Sue

Sue Taylor launched a tincture brand, Mama Sue Wellness upon opening her dispensary, Farmacy Berkeley in San Francisco. Her focus was to appeal to the senior community and help ease in new consumers who’d benefit from cannabis products.

The Peakz

The Peakz is an Oakland based flower brand, appealing to millennial consumers and designer fashion enthusiasts. This company was able to shift from selling on the streets to the legal market through the city’s social equity program.

Hala Hemp

Hala Hemp is a health-conscious brand developing full spectrum hemp tinctures. Their goal is to destigmatize cannabis through luxury CBD-hemp products. 5% of each sale is donated to organizations legally assisting people with non-violent cannabis charges.

Gas House Brands

Gas House Brands is a cannabis-hemp flower and vape brand based in Oakland. This brand started as an underground grow in Atlanta and made it to the legal market in California. Their current focus is on artisanal, high-CBD hemp flower.


Viola is a flower, concentrate, and vape brand owned by former NBA player, Al Harrington. The company focuses on empowering minority ownership and maintaining investments from minorities. They have reinvested back into the community through different charities and social equity partnerships.

Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch is owned by the former boxing champion, Mike Tyson. This massive grow operation produces a variety of products like edibles, tinctures, and staple flower strains.


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