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CannaSafe has established itself as one of the most trusted names in safe cannabis. Being the first accredited Cannabis lab in the world has its advantages, also being chosen by High Times is also an honor we don’t take lightly.

CannaSafe was the first accredited lab in Cannabis. In 2012 CannaSafe received ISO 17025 Accreditation. CannaSafe prides itself on providing quality, value, and integrity-based testing to businesses and consumers for verifiable and safe Cannabis consumption.

Why Choose Us: OUR MISSION

CannaSafe Analytics is committed to defining consumer safety and quality assurance standards for the cannabis industry. We are a full-service testing laboratory offering a one-stop solution where cannabis cultivators and distributors can ensure that they are in full compliance with all regulatory requirements and that their products are effective and safe for use.


Always Accurate. Always Fast. Always Affordable.

3 Reasons to Hire Us


Leading the Industry

CannaSafe Analytics is proud to be the first accredited cannabis laboratory in the world.  Over the years, we have been continuously setting the standard for cannabis testing through the utilization of state of the art technology, cutting-edge scientific methods, and expert staff.


Committed to Our Clients

From your hands to ours, your products are transported and stored in the most efficient conditions possible to ensure that they test accurately and without contamination. We also make it a top priority to provide our customers with the most competitive turn around times in the testing industry. 


Connecting and Protecting

At CannaSafe, we strive to develop a community platform that helps bring producers and consumers together safely and effectively. Through our online database, growers and vendors are able to showcase all their product information directly with dispensaries and customers.

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