CannaSafe: Looking Forward to the Future

From left to right: Geoff Menneto, Vice President of Sales; Antonio Frazier, President; Victoria Basso, Director of Business Development; Ini Afia, Chief Science Officer; Neya Jourabchian, Lab Director

"CannaSafe is primed to lead the industry once again with high integrity and best-in-class science."

-Ini Afia, Chief Science Officer

Since its conception in 2011, CannaSafe has been adapting and evolving to better serve our clients as well as our state’s consumers. The cannabis industry is constantly changing, and CannaSafe’s leadership team has made sure the company consistently moves forward based on industry needs.

At the helm of the lab is Chief Science Officer Ini Afia, who has more than 17 years of leadership experience spanning across the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cannabis industries. Through Ini’s guidance, CannaSafe has achieved increased credibility, consistency, and accountability for our clients, regulators, and consumers. Ini works closely with President Antonio Frazier, whose background in industrial and public safety has helped inform CannaSafe’s strict quality standards for consumer safety. With Ini and Antonio overseeing laboratory standards and procedures, Vice President of Sales Geoff Menneto works with clients to offer testing packages that suit their unique business needs.

The culture that our leadership team has fostered is so incredible that former team members have left and come back to the organization, like current Lab Director Neya Jourabchian. Neya’s research and chemistry experience were instrumental in ensuring that CannaSafe adheres to state-mandated regulations, including full method development and validations on all assays. Neya’s not the only one who parted ways with the company only to come back better than ever — our Director of Business Development Victoria Basso has also recently rejoined the team after pursuing other ventures. Victoria serves as a liaison between the lab and clientele.

Together, the CannaSafe executive team has high expectations for the company’s future.

“The cannabis analytical industry is set to expand its scope outside of the individual state-mandated testing, and CannaSafe is well poised to lead that charge. As cannabis compliance testing becomes commoditized, we will offer greater information regarding safety and efficacy for a well-informed consumer as well as helping to expand the scientific knowledge into this amazing plant,” says Afia.

While the industry continues to expand, new forms of analytical testing are available to provide more accurate and effective data. For this reason, CannaSafe has implemented value-added testing services that are not required by the DCC, but remain critical add-ons in understanding long-term product efficacy, safety, and accuracy. Services like stability, HLVd, microextraction, nanoemulsion, and particle size testing are available at our state-of-the-art facility.

In addition to testing services, CannaSafe also places great importance on client and consumer education. We know the intricacies of cannabis testing can be overwhelming, so we strive to offer educational resources on social media, our website, and within sales materials to create an informed base of clientele that are confident in communicating with their testing lab. Transparency, support, and education are the pillars of our client relationships.

We are also paving the way for new industry standards through our participation in round robins. CannaSafe has participated in both rounds of the NIST round robin as well as inter-lab comparison with other labs in California. These types of studies encourage higher standards and expectations by providing data for regulators to advance our industry forward.

While CannaSafe’s primary goal is to guarantee safe cannabis and hemp for all, we are also concerned with our impact and community involvement. Social equity efforts are of vital importance, and CannaSafe has made financial contributions to philanthropic organizations with a focus on addressing the war on drugs, expungement clinics, consumer safety, and education & training services. We have also tested cannabis compassion products for several advocacy groups and those products were then donated free of charge to patients in need.

At its heart, CannaSafe is concerned not only with its success as an organization but also with its impact on the industry. Our team members and leaders want to be a force for good, and so our organization has allocated both time and money to make that dream a reality. Most recently, CannaSafe worked to support National Expungement Week from September 26th to October 3rd.

Much like the industry we serve, CannaSafe’s services and laboratory procedures have evolved over the years. We know that there will always be new challenges in this market, and that is what makes our work so unique. There are a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon, and our CannaSafe team is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.