Compliance and 3C Farms

With the shift from an unregulated market to a regulated market in full swing, there are quite a few new components to the cannabis industry that you should be aware of when operating your business. At its core, the main change to the industry is compliance. Compliance, in short, applies a series of regulatory standards to cannabis companies to allow for only the safest and best quality products to reach the consumer in an appropriate manner.

As annoying as it may seem at times, compliance is one of the best things to happen to the cannabis industry, since it establishes a standardized process that will allow your consumer to develop a sense of trust in what you are offering. Before California legalized cannabis for adult-use, there was an epidemic of cannabis products that were irresponsibly grown and/or packaged, causing harm to the consumer due to unwanted pesticides and chemicals added to the plant. With the compliance laws established (as well as still being introduced), cannabis products with said pesticides and other chemicals will not be sold on the shelves. In other words, if you use harmful chemicals in your cultivation process, your product has to be destroyed.

Compliance and 3C Farms

This was a very harsh reality for many operators in the industry, and it was undoubtedly a tough change to manage. However, the brands that saw the future of the industry written on the wall were prepared for this, and made the transition swiftly and smoothly. Aside from testing, there are also many regulations on packaging, advertising and more, to limit the likelihood of children coming into contact with the products, physically or through advertising. One of our trusted partners, 3C Farms, explains how the transition went for them above.

The more educated you are on cannabis laws and regulations the better. If you are interested in learning more about why CannaSafe has become the trusted testing facility for over 20% of the California market, check out our resource center above for use cases, testimonials, and more!

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