Homogeneity Testing

The homogeneity (or uniformity) of your edible is profoundly important for the experience and safety of your patient or consumer. If your product’s potency isn’t homogeneous from serving to serving or even within the same serving, it can cause adverse effects, or even a lack of any effect, in a patient or consumer. Elucidating homogeneity issues might pinpoint a challenge with manufacturing practices and help to identify areas for improvement. CannaSafe offers support and consulting to clients wishing to identify areas for improvement and to help with the creation of more accurately infused products. 

Why is Homogeneity so Important? 

When a patient consumes a gummy, or a half of a gummy, or even a quarter of a gummy, they are expecting a certain amount of whatever cannabinoid the product label claims (THC, CBD, etc.). If one gummy has 5 milligrams, and another has 8 milligrams, they may have dramatically different and unpredictable effects on the patient. This can be dangerous, or at the very least create a very poor consumer experience of your product. 


Dependent on the number of servings per package, we will use the following calculation to determine the number of individual potency tests to conduct (√N+1, where N = the number of servings). Each of the servings will be randomly selected from the package, separated, homogenized and prepared for analysis. The chosen individual servings will then be sent for a potency test using UHPLC-UV (ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with UV detection). Statistical analyses are then performed on resulting data. 

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