How My Child’s Cancer Led Me into the Cannabis Industry with Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

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About Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

I am a Traditional Naturopath, registered master herbalist and teacher of endogenous cannabinoid system education. My core competencies include using herbs as the basis of nutrition to combat the symptoms of chronic, degenerative and terminal illness. Specialties include medical cannabis education, endogenous cannabinoid system balancing and cancer prevention.
I have been involved in the medical cannabis industry since 2006. I became a Founding Board Member and first elected President of the California Cannabis Industry Association in 2012 and served on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board (2013-2015) as the California State Representative and the founding Chair of their Minority Business Council. I have worked to ensure all people have the right to choose medical options; traditional, alternative, or otherwise that support their health and healing journey.

My Story

When my eldest child was diagnosed with brain cancer, it made me realize that alternative therapy options were important. In my research I learned of the function and physiology of the endogenous cannabinoid system and realized that it was the key to health and wellness. That is where my personal journey working with cannabis began.

How is Cannabis Education and What’s the Future Like for Cannabis Research?

Cannabis education for medical professionals is sorely lacking. Unfortunately, most health care providers lack basic knowledge of the existence of the endogenous cannabinoid system. This creates a health disparity because of lack of information. There are no clear guidelines for delivery methods or dosing for providers to follow.


The type of research that needs to be done is to identify the number of endogenous cannabinoids that are required for optimal human function so that accurate dosing on nutritional supplementation can be a reality.


I see medical cannabis where it is now in 5 years’ time. Research is slow coming and there is an entire world that needs to develop guidelines and standards around cultivation, manufacturing of products, distribution and the regulatory schemes around those area that make global trade a possibility.

Recommendations for First Time Patients

My best advice for the first-time cannabis user is to start slow. I am a proponent of micro doses. Taking less than 25mg per dose helps to mitigate risk of adverse reactions due to the psychoactive components. With that being said, I also want to stress that nutritional supplementation of the eCS is necessary. New users should identify what product, in what dose and with what delivery method suits them based on the micro dose model.

Mieko Perez

Mieko Perez

Mieko Perez, CannaSafe’s Healthcare Ambassador, is also an International Autism Advocate, President of CA Corporate & Attorney Services Inc, Director of Product Development of MD Exclusive CBD, and much more. In 2009, Mieko Hester-Perez decided to go public with her son's success with medical cannabis and since that day in 2009, she has become a source of inspiration and information for families looking to explore alternative and holistic treatment options within the autism spectrum. With 20 years of legal experience and over 15 years of special education knowledge, Mrs. Perez currently consults internationally with healthcare providers in prominent autism centers, palliative care & cancer institutions as a healthcare ambassador for consumers who have exhausted all other treatment options.

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