How Successful Cannabis Executives Use Weekends

Thriving as cannabis executives in the cannabis industry requires preparation, execution, and an unbridled work ethic. With all the responsibilities producers and dispensary operators have, it may be tempting to consistently ditch the weekend and stay on the clock, but for those who truly understand the path to success, the weekend serves as more than a barrier separating stressful weeks. We spoke with two cannabis executives who know the key to a successful week starts by getting ready over the weekend.

Cannabis Executive Aaron RIley's Headshot for CannaSafe

Aaron Riley, CEO of Cannasafe

Aaron Riley, CEO of CannaSafe, one of the most well-known cannabis testing laboratories in California, does not wait until Monday to get his week on track. “My week starts on Sunday afternoon or night,” Riley explained. Considering that the demand, or rather, the requirement that lab testing is routinely done on cannabis products sold to consumers, even just a small head start on the week is valuable to Riley. “I use an hour or two to think through what important meetings or objectives I have for the week,” Riley said. 

Cy Scott, CEO of Headset, one of the cannabis industry’s leading data and analytics firms, looks forward to getting some time at home on weekends and setting some time aside for what truly matters. “Long days and lots of travel during the week means prioritizing family is a must for me,” Riley said. “Spending time with my family helps balance out a lot of the work and reminds me why I do what I do.”

Cannabis Executive Cy Scott's Headshot for CannaSafe

Cy Scott, CEO of Headset

The grind of the work week prevents many of us from acquiring new knowledge or skills. Scott, however, tries to use his free time on the weekends to grow. “I’m a proponent of continuous improvement and love how accessible higher education has become with services like MooCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from providers like Coursera that provide a wealth of access,” Scott said. Even less ambitious activities can be useful in recharging over the weekend. “I try and have a bit of downtime where I’m not thinking about the company or on the computer responding to emails. This can be things like working around the house, catching up on some media or light reading,” Scott said.

Successful cannabis executives are responsible for more than just managing themselves and their family. Their entire staff and organization are relying on them to lead. On Sundays, Riley considers not only his own professional priorities for the week but also the responsibilities of his managers. “I also think about what the key players need to be working on. This helps when I come into work Monday morning, I have a plan, and can stay on task even when navigating through problems and distractions that arise Monday morning.”