CannaSafe’s Scientific Director, Ini Afia Speaks with CannMed on Coffee Talk Podcast

CannMed Podcast Coffee Talk Blog Cover with Ina Afia PHD at CannaSafe

CannaSafe’s Scientific Director, Ini Afia, discusses the following topics, and more on CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast. Listen now, Click here.

– Safety focus area of cannabis

– Importance of safety testing

– Challenges that come with navigating regulations

– The recent vaping crisis

– Ingredients in vape cartridges 

Ini’s notable work in the cannabis industry has led to a recent publication in the Natural Products Chemistry & Research journal titled Terpenoid Chemoprofiles Distinguish Drug-type Cannabis sativa L. Cultivars in Nevada, among other upcoming publications. Through his leadership in the laboratory, Ini has led CannaSafe to being the #1 accredited cannabis lab in California with over 150 employees and the greatest market-share holder in the space. As the Scientific Director of CannaSafe, Ini constantly works to develop and validate methodology used in assays that directly impact consumer safety, including the analysis of heavy metal contaminants from vaporizer smoke and methods to identify intoxicants in illicit products, among others.