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Consumer Safety Alert - Hemp Product Recall Announced by FDA
Industry Updates

Consumer Safety Alert: Hemp Products Recall Announced by the FDA

The FDA announced a recall press release on June 23rd regarding elevated heavy metals (lead) in dozens of hemp cbd products made for the consumption of humans and pets. The company MHR Brands, and its subsidiary InHe Manufacturing, LLC, were notified by the Florida Department of

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CBD and Cannabis tested in regulated laboratory at CannaSafe

Is CBD Regulated?

CBD Regulation: An Introduction The phytocannabinoid, CBD, short for cannabidiol, is popularly consumed for its therapeutic qualities, non-psychoactive/euphoric effects, and ease of accessibility. There are two

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Cannabis and Hemp 101


How is Cannabis Harvested?

Table of Contents How is Cannabis Harvested? After the longest summer in history, fall vibes are definitely welcomed and you know that means, right? No,

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COVID-19 Sampling Update

Cannasafe is open and working hard to ensure the safety of our clients and our team.    In this new video, Traz, the lead Field Sampler

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COA’s and their importance

Table of Contents Prop 64 One of the biggest changes to the cannabis industry was the requirement for laboratory testing of all products that would

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Don MendoFrom the Hood to the Woods Tell us about yourself: Where were you born and raised? I was born in Berkeley, CA, raised in

CannaSafe: Looking Forward to the Future

From left to right: Geoff Menneto, Vice President of Sales; Antonio Frazier, President; Victoria Basso, Director of Business Development; Ini Afia, Chief Science Officer; Neya

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