Meet Highland Co

Meet Highland Oil Company Cannabis Product Packaging

Meet Highland Oil Co!

A family operated brand that focuses on quality, consistency and purity. Their CEO has been learning, growing and experimenting with cannabis for over 10 years and has set high standards for every product they release. They hand select their strains from local reputable farms based here, on the Central Coast of California. They believe in preserving the integrity of each strain we process and do so by using a simple and trusted method. Their mission is to provide top quality clean products to their customers, and they settle for nothing less. Read on to learn all about how they got started and to check out some of their current products!

Highland Co Tells Their Story

Highland Oil Co and The Hive Laboratory were founded in 2017, but our history starts much before that time. In 2017, our CEO Sean and his wife Paige were living in northern California and decided to take a leap of faith and move to the Central Coast to expand their knowledge and follow their passion for cannabis. Both born and raised in Southern California, cannabis was not foreign to them. Sean had been growing indoor cannabis for around 5-7 years prior to Paige, and they continued to pursue growing together for 4 more years while living in Shasta County. Sean began experimenting with his own flower in their garage, making rosin and other solventless concentrates and it was at that time when he realized he wanted to pursue his career with concentrates. Their first step was to find a city in California that was giving permits for cannabis businesses, so Paige called over 200 cities in California and stumbled upon Grover Beach which soon became home.

Shortly after discovering Grover Beach, we met Patrick, our hard-working COO, who has been a central coast local for over 20 years with a wide network of contacts. Together we started our journey to create The Hive Laboratory and Highland Oil Co. We started out as a white labeling and manufacturing facility mainly working on distillation and extractions as well as packaging etc. We faced many challenges along the way due to the infant stages of our county’s permit system. To become an operating cannabis facility before dispensaries existed in the area was extremely difficult. However, through determination and hard work we managed to become the FIRST licensed cannabis manufacturing facility on the Central Coast of California.

We are based in Grover Beach, California and surrounded by beautiful farms, beaches and nature. Our dream was to create a brand that represents the simplicity of California and all that it has to offer. Our mission was to stay true to the cannabis plant, and true to our coastal origins. We strive to source all of our flowers from local farms here on the Central Coast. Foxin is one of our reputable farms we source from, based out of Los Olivos. Unlike other brands, we hand select each strain per season based on our customers needs rather than use any strain available. We use a trusted process called cryogenic extraction to process our concentrates and follow strict quality control and safety measures to ensure our product is top quality. Our team is constantly researching and developing new ideas in our laboratory and innovating new ways to incorporate cannabis into our daily lives.

Our goal is to provide a top-quality product for everyone, without compromising the integrity of the strains, consistency or purity. We currently offer a wide range of concentrates including badders, sugar sauces, live resin sauces, shatter, isolates, and cartridges that are made with 100% cannabis derived terpenes.

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