California Cannabis and National Hemp Plant Pathogen Testing Program

There is a plethora of pathogens that are being discovered to infect cannabis plants. Symptoms such as dudding, yellowing, curling, etc. that may have been attributed to a “bad plant” are actually plant pathogens. These pathogens travel through tools, wind, pests, soil, and genetics.

Testing for plant pathogens in cannabis plants is crucial for prevention of major issues with numerous types of molds, mildew, viruses, and viroid’s which can lead to smaller crop yields and lower potency.

Hops Latent Viroid is one of the prevalent viroid’s that cannabis cultivators must contend with, but there are others such as Lettuce Chlorosis Virus which can be just as harmful to the plant. Many of these viruses and viroids are not easily detected either and may present themselves as yellowing leaves and smaller bud formations. They are easily spread through contaminated tools such as trimming scissors and gloves, which is why it is important to sterilize tools and change out gloves regularly. Additionally, through the plant cloning process – if the mother plant is infected then the babies can be as well.

The best thing to do is to test early and often during the cultivation process since something like Hops Latent Viroid can be hard to spot and can spread so rapidly. Prevention is key since there is no easy way to remove something like HLV from the plants. Good sanitation practices can go a long way in preventing cannabis and hemp crops from becoming infected with mold, mildew, viruses, and viroid’s and can help to save crops from being fully contaminated. Testing early on can help with detection of these issues, which can then be eliminated before they start running rampant throughout the entire crop.  

CannaSafe can help you keep your crops clean through preventative testing for HLVd and other plant pathogens.

Beet Curly Top Virus


Cannabis Cryptic Virus


Hop Latent Viroid

Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Lettuce Chlorosis Virus

Powdery Mildew

Russet Mites

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