Rainbow Sherbet Drops: The Latest from Our Friends at Yummi Karma

So often we are stuck in the confines of what the world’s expectations are—invisible lines that dictate how you should look, act, and feel. At least, so they say. But what would happen if more and more people stepped out of their invisible lines, and created their own rainbows? 

Yummi Karma did just that. The women-founded, women-lead company continues to break barriers and share their love and passion to the market. Hey 2020, finally some good news! As of the first week of June, we welcome to the world: Rainbow Sherbet Drops

Beyond the love and care blended into each batch, the team at Yummi Karma is carefully measuring away to ensure that your rich blend of whole cannabis extract is dosed with precision and never compromising in taste. Their MCT oil (a delicious fractionated coconut oil supplement), already holding great promise in its myriad of health benefits, is infused with 600mg THC. But the colorful palette journey doesn’t stop there. Your taste buds are greeted with a natural rainbow sherbet flavoring that’s sure to please, and together all its unique terpene and cannabinoid components activate “The Entourage Effect”.  

The Rainbow Sherbet blend, much like all of Yummi Karma’s blends, is carefully crafted through rigorous research and development testing to ensure their batches hit the desired target of 600 mg THC. COO Kymber Ward expressed how their dosages cannot waiver from their promise because they have a responsibility to their consumers to appropriately and accurately dose according to their lifestyle.  

Yummy Karma Cannabis Rainbow Sherbert Drops for Pride Month
Yummy Karma Cannabis Rainbow Sherbert Drops for Pride Month

Products that are just as safe as they are effective.

Yummi Karma saw the value in lab-testing long before their competitors. Kristine Freeman of Yummi Karma shared, “We are proud to produce high quality, consistent and safe cannabis products and have always believed in lab-testing, even years ago when it was not required. Calculating the recipes and actually making our products, the tinctures especially, is such an exact process”. She shared that their success is credited to their early testing commitment. 

Beyond the female powerhouse, beyond the careful quality care behind each bottle, beyond the taste and experience of Yummi Karma tinctures, is an unwavering support of inclusivity to all consumers and patients. It’s represented in the name, but it is felt through their action. 

What does Yummi Karma mean?

A common question by the average Jane. It all really comes down to their core. Their core values, their ethics, their mission—to spread love and kindness. Whether it’s in the form of a tincture that will gently lull you into much-needed sleep, or a fragrant soft cream to soothe the pain away.  

The team at Yummi Karma took it a step further. In the early eve of June 2020, Good Karma was born. 

Kristine shares, “We’ve lobbied city hall for change in the cannabis community, donated to college food banks, supplied gloves and masks to essential workers, and are currently working on an outreach with our team for the month of June. As longtime members of the cannabis industry, but also an all-women team, we are no strangers to standing up for what we believe in” 

As the first Good Karma product in the Yummi Karma line, a portion of the proceeds for Rainbow Sherbet Drops will help support the LGBTQ causes throughout California.  

You can find Rainbow Sherbet Drops on shelves near you. Visit www.yummikarma.com for a list of California cannabis licensed retailers that carry Yummi Karma products. Online ordering via Ganjarunner/Budee is available directly from the Yummi Karma website.