From R&D to compliance testing, CannaSafe’s sampling team is fully equipped to service the entire state of California. Whether you’re in LA, Humboldt, the desert, or the Bay, our California testing lab has regional samplers statewide and local to your area, and they’re ready to make cannabis, hemp, and/or CBD pickups.


Accuracy in cannabis, CBD, and hemp testing starts at the very beginning, with sampling. Whether CannaSafe collects a compliance sample in the field, or a client provides one for R&D, all data derived from laboratory analyses originate from the samples collected. 

At CannaSafe, we use a process called randomized representative sampling to ensure that the samples collected represent the product. The greatest potential for error in the testing process is sampling; the possibility for an error is minimized by practicing randomized representative sampling.


An in-depth guide to sampling techniques, batch quantities, and sampling event info.

FAQs - Regulatory Compliance Sampling

Only state licensed distributors (and microbusinesses authorized for distribution) are permitted to engage in regulatory compliance testing. All regulatory compliance batches must be sampled at a licensed distribution premise.

Step 1: The licensed distributor must take physical possession of a cannabis goods batch prior to arranging a regulatory compliance sampling event.

Step 2: Complete sampling manifest(s) for the batch(es) to be sampled.

Step 3: Contact the laboratory to schedule a sampling event. Provide the sampling manifest and distributor contact information for our driver.

Step 4: Prepare for the sampling event – Print a copy of the sampling manifest(s) and make sure batches are easily accessible for the sampler.

Step 5: Review and sign the chain of custody prior to our sampler leaving the distribution facility. For clients on METRC, please generate a METRC transfer and provide the sampler with the associated package ID tags that match the package IDs listed on the METRC manifest.

In order to avoid cancellation fees, a sampling event must be cancelled with a 24 hour notice. Cancellations that fall within the 24 hour notice period will result in a cancellation fee.

Cancellation requests can be sent to the [email protected]. Please include your account name and the schedule date and time of the sampling event to be cancelled.

Upon scheduling a sampling event, note to the CannaSafe rep that there will be a rush sample included in the pickup. Please also note this information to the sampler during the sampling event.

Review the rush pricing portion of the current price sheet prior to requesting expedited turnaround.

Per state regulations, once the sampler leaves the distribution premises, the chain of custody cannot be altered under any circumstance. The distributor must seek approval from the Bureau of Cannabis Control to cancel or halt any regulatory compliance testing.

Per state regulations, once the sampler leaves the distribution premises the laboratory must complete the regulatory compliance testing. The distributor must seek approval from the Bureau of Cannabis Control to cancel or halt any regulatory compliance testing. Please contact the lab for any questions.

If CannaSafe is unable to complete regulatory compliance testing due to insufficient sample mass, the licensed distributor must reach out to the Bureau of Cannabis Control to request a “resampling event”.

All manufactured products must be tested in their final form (I.e. final packaging with batch ID labels on each unit). So long as each unit size within the batch is considered the same production batch the licensed distributor is authorized to test the samples under one CoA.

All CoAs include the test package ID assigned at the time a METRC transfer is generated. The test package ID is the Metrc ID that is directly associated with the samples tested by the laboratory. In METRC, the test package ID is directly tied to the associated source ID (which is included on your product packaging). [Upon special request, the laboratory can include the source ID on the CoA.]

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