Sun Grown Cannabis with Humboldt Farms

Being a cannabis testing lab in California means providing results to cultivators all over the state; our media team is no different. We traveled up to Northern California to learn from Humboldt Farms Co-Founder Dominic Gabriel about what makes premium sungrown cannabis so special.

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"We have a reputation here in Humboldt for growing the best cannabis in the world"

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“To me what makes Humboldt Farms special is the history of Humboldt. We have a reputation here in Humboldt for growing the best cannabis in the world. Humboldt farms has been tasked and we take on the responsibility of withholding that reputation. And it starts here, on farms like this.”

“It started out with all the stories of people moving here, try to find something different, and grow cannabis in a sustainable way. That’s what we try to do at Humboldt. We try to just uphold that reputation. 

There’s certainly an appeal to indoor, you can control an environment. With sungrown, I just believe it’s the way it’s meant. You can never, no matter what kind of technology you have, you can never mimic the rays of the sun. You can try and you can come close, which they’ve done, but it’s impossible to mimic what the sun can give you.

Not only that, but it’s a more sustainable way to grow. We regenerate the soil every year. We just keep putting more into it. But other than that, mostly it’s just sun and water. We just try to keep it simple. It’s all just regenerative soil, sun grown, we feel like that produces the high quality stuff that you find in the jars.”

– Dominic Gabriel

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